Episode 1 : Wendi Moore-O'Neal

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This week, we hear a story from Wendi Moore O'Neal. Wendi is a community activist from New Orleans who runs Jaliyah Consulting where she uses "freedom singing, story circles and group facilitation to share civil rights history, culture, and traditions".  She told us about founding [one of] the first LGBT organizations at Spelman College in the 90's.

Recently, Wendi released a documentary "This Little Light" which chronicles her process of seeking justice and making peace when she was unconstitutionally fired for marrying her wife, Mandisa. (who you’ll be hearing from in the next episode) The film was made in collaboration with Ada McMahon and has been featured in festivals all over the country, including the Smithsonian African American Film Festival. Please visit thislittlelightfilm.com to learn more.

This piece was produced by free feral with music by free as well.  "I Got a Right" is a piece free created as part of a short film of the same title.  The song includes samples of Wendi leading a community in song.   The film was made from public domain footage of the March on Washington, and features words and voices of Audre Lorde and June Jordan.  The piece was created as part of a performance called Power of the Black Feminine by Junebug Productions.  You can see that film here.

Meet the Hosts!

This Season of our podcast is different than the last for a few reasons. This season, we left the bars and are telling stories of Queer Resistance - that’s more identities relating stories that describe a full gamut of revolutionary actions down to the simple minutiae of being one’s self.

This season we also have 2 hosts:

You may remember free feral from last season; they produced edited and eventually hosted some episodes in the first season. They are also a musician. Now they’re back and excited to share a whole new batch of queer stories with you.


But we also have a new team member on board. Meet Laine Kaplan-Levenson! Laine produced WWNO’s Tripod and Sticky Wicket. They joined us this season as a workshop leader, producer and host. We are super excited to have them on board!

Listen to the trailer here, subscribe, and look for the first episode in your feed this Thursday, February 14.