Episode 6: Stories from the Boston Dyke Bar Scene

Episode 6 is here!  This week we bring you a piece about the Boston Dyke Bar scene in the 60’s through the 90’s.

Photo of Fran’s Place, courtesy of The History Project

Photo of Fran’s Place, courtesy of The History Project

Last Call’s play based on our New Orleans Dyke Bar research, Alleged Lesbian Activies, is coming to Boston, April 4, 5, 6, and 7.  These performances will be done in partnership with The Theatre Offensive, and will feature new material derived from our Boston interviews.  We thought, these interviews are so juicy - let’s do a podcast piece with them!  We have stories of parties, fights, family, pickup and more.  It’s a long one, so cozy in and enjoy

Many thanks to our interviewees Danny Harris, Yani Batteau, Shani Dowd, Sharon Pritchard, Marjorie Posner, Rochelle Ruthchild, Vicki Gabriner, Liz James, Lynn Brown, Pam Chamberlin, Helen Cratin, and Sweet Mykki B.  They were so welcoming and so generous with their time, energy, and stories.  We think you’re going to really enjoy listening to them.

For tickets to see Alleged Lesbian Activities at Jacque’s Cabaret in Boston, click here.  It's a great show in a historic queer venue.  Get your tickets soon - they are going fast!

This week’s episode was produced and scored by free feral.

Special thanks as well to The History Project for this week’s cover image!

Episode 5: Living Out Loud

Episode 5 is here! This week we bring you two stories of people finding their way to living their best life.

Terryl-Lynn Foxx

Terryl-Lynn Foxx

First, we hear from Terryl-Lynn Foxx.  Born under the astrological sign of Leo the Lion, Ms. Foxx  is a native New Orleanian and an entertainer/model/actress who has perfected the art of illusion through 20 years of experience. She  has appeared all over the gay cabaret circuit throughout the United States, as well as appearing on national television, music videos, newspapers and magazines, and the cinema.  This piece details her rise to stardom.

Nathalie Nia Faulk

Nathalie Nia Faulk

This piece was produced by Nathalie Nia (Nate) Faulk in our podcast workshop. Nathalie was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and is a self described Ebony Southern Belle.  Her work consists of Leadership Development, Performance, and Healing and Wellness practices.  Nathalie also works with the Southern Organizer Academy, a leadership development and capacity building pipeline.  They are currently accepting applications. For more information you can go to southernorganizers.org or email them at soa@southernorganizingacademy.org

Our second story this week comes from our friends at WWNO’s Bring Your Own from an event they did in 2016 in partnership with the Unprisoned podcast.

Jewel Williams

Jewel Williams

Jewel Williams told this story in front of a live audience.  At the time she was a sophomore in high school. Now, at 18, she is studying psychology and English at Loyola University. She is proud of her New Orleans upbringing and super proud to be pursuing her degree here. She hopes one day to impact the community in several ways.  This is the story of how Jewel, a New Orleans teen, came out to her parents with a little help from the Bard of Avon.

Episode 2: Mandisa Moore-O'Neal

Episode Two is ready!


S. Mandisa Moore-O'Neal is a Black feminist and supporter to grassroots black women/black femme-centered organizing.  These days, Mandisa is a civil rights attorney with a focus on family law, HIV De-Criminalization, criminal defense, employment discrimination and police accountability work. Her primary organizing support work is as a Black Youth Project-New Orleans' chapter member and on the Advisory board of Lift Louisiana.   This story takes us back to 2006 when Mandisa was part of a group that founded the Women’s Health and Justice Initiative, an INCITE! affiliate.

This piece was produced by free feral with music by free feral, from an interview by indee mitchell and Nathalie Nia Faulk. Special thanks to Wendi Moore-O’Neal and her brother, Webo O’Neal, for recording a special version of “Freedom is a Constant Struggle.”

Episode 1 : Wendi Moore-O'Neal

Last Call Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 is ready for ya! Get it here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 10.34.12 PM.png

This week, we hear a story from Wendi Moore O'Neal. Wendi is a community activist from New Orleans who runs Jaliyah Consulting where she uses "freedom singing, story circles and group facilitation to share civil rights history, culture, and traditions".  She told us about founding [one of] the first LGBT organizations at Spelman College in the 90's.

Recently, Wendi released a documentary "This Little Light" which chronicles her process of seeking justice and making peace when she was unconstitutionally fired for marrying her wife, Mandisa. (who you’ll be hearing from in the next episode) The film was made in collaboration with Ada McMahon and has been featured in festivals all over the country, including the Smithsonian African American Film Festival. Please visit thislittlelightfilm.com to learn more.

This piece was produced by free feral with music by free as well, from an interview by indee mitchell and Nathalie Nia Faulk.  "I Got a Right" is a piece free created as part of a short film of the same title.  The song includes samples of Wendi leading a community in song.   The film was made from public domain footage of the March on Washington, and features words and voices of Audre Lorde and June Jordan.  The piece was created as part of a performance called Power of the Black Feminine by Junebug Productions.  You can see that film here.

Also, Wendi shouts out SONG, Southerners on New Ground.  They still kickin.

NOTE: Some folks reported experiencing sound issues when we first published this piece.  The file has been updated.

Meet the Hosts!

This Season of our podcast is different than the last for a few reasons. This season, we left the bars and are telling stories of Queer Resistance - that’s more identities relating stories that describe a full gamut of revolutionary actions down to the simple minutiae of being one’s self.

This season we also have 2 hosts:

You may remember free feral from last season; they produced edited and eventually hosted some episodes in the first season. They are also a musician. Now they’re back and excited to share a whole new batch of queer stories with you.


But we also have a new team member on board. Meet Laine Kaplan-Levenson! Laine produced WWNO’s Tripod and Sticky Wicket. They joined us this season as a workshop leader, producer and host. We are super excited to have them on board!

Listen to the trailer here, subscribe, and look for the first episode in your feed this Thursday, February 14.